The decision process of the Venture Capital

abogado venture capital

Although each Venture Capital is a world, in general there are some common traits that can define on your decision process.

It is important to know if the channel through which we contacted the VC is right and we have the wind in our favor. Each VC usually work with certain types of companies: some do not work with "first timers", or to specific sectors. We must know this information to see if we were paddling against the current.

The VC person with whom we have contact also determines. Not the same to be a true partner who has no power of decision to be a partner.

After the first contacts, will begin in-depth information about the company, and will ask a lot of documents: It should be ensured that there is a partner interested and that is not a request for information associated backless above.

In preparing this documentation, will be able to also ask some information that will be very useful: Contacts with other entrepreneurs who have worked VC firm: discuss with them your questions will bring a lot of value.

In its relationship with the VC, normally accelerate things if all goes well or start to slow. At times when the process is slowed, the VC is not interested in the project but wants to be left the door open. Do not let him have "muddy" without giving a decision.

If the process continues, will be a specification or "Term Sheet”, the already discussed some things and we will discuss in more detail in future entries.

The closing process is done in two phases: in the first phase will be signed "Term Sheet"And the second is signed final contract and transferred the funds.

Habitually, When I do not "toad" after signing the "Term sheet", the process completed successfully.

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