How is compensation for Managers?

As established in the art. 217 the LSC, directorships Free assumes, unless the bylaws otherwise determined. Although the position of director has character free, this is consistent with the perception of other emoluments based on other legal relations with society (as may be the job as director).

For the office of director is paid, must be provided for in the bylaws.

The remuneration of directors, publicity should be given the memory society. More specifically, should indicate the salaries and allowances, and pensions or life insurance premiums.

Should be paid as directors, the statutes should indicate, both the nature of the charge paid as remuneration system. The compensation system must be fixed and leave open enrollment is not allowed the same, for example, to be fixed by a general meeting. It should be determined by the system, although not necessary that the exact amount is fixed.

In cases where it is considered that the compensation is excessive, the defense pathway would be the abuse of rights or agreements contrary to social interests, through the corresponding procedure. The criteria take into account the case law in these cases are, that the remuneration is higher than stated in the Bylaws, injury of social interests or the proportion in relation to the turnover of the company.

Even, could be the case of a corporate crime contained in art. 291 CP.


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