What is Infomemo?

infomemo or notebook sales














In corporate transactions, the infomemo or notebook sale, is the document prepared by the vendor to provide the necessary information to potential buyers.

Before entering the analysis infomemo, It is necessary to have made a series of steps.

First, it produces a “teaser” the "Blind profile" which is a summary that does not identify the company, but that gives information about the type of investment opportunity which it comes.

Candidates who show interest in “teaser” shall sign a confidentiality agreement they shall not disclose or use for their own benefit or third parties that receive the information after.

Once signed the confidentiality agreement, it sends the infomemo.

Its name comes from "information memorandum".

Once the property has defined sales strategy for your needs, it is made the infomemo, you must provide sufficient information to enable potential investors to consider the opportunity and if, make an offer. In this regard it is important that the information be as objective as possible, because if important aspects are omitted, is given the opportunity to investors to renegotiate their offer down.

Although the development of each infomemo should be adjusted to the specific case, the tendency is to use the structure presented below.

Exemption Clause

O "disclaimer" in English terminology: It is the legal notice in which the confidentiality of it is collected and highlights the information only and not binding the document, noting that there is a firm offer and discarding any responsibility both for the seller and by the same author.

Executive Summary

Investors are saturated deals so provide a quick view of the matter is essential so they know if interested continue reading the document. The executive summary contains succinct description of the company and its strengths, the market in which it operates, both historical financial data and future projections and structure of the proposal which offers investors.


It describes the market size, trends, the competitive environment and the positioning of the company in this environment, both from the point of view of economic structure and geographically.

The company

The company information is contained in this section and includes both the history of it, as the structure of society and its organization, business and activities that develop their products or services, production and business cycle, types of customers and suppliers, geographical area in which it operates, industrial property and intangible assets (including certifications, awards won and licenses), organization and human and plant equipment Material.


The financial information disclosed on two fronts: on one hand historical data and other business plans for the future.

In summary, on the sale of a business, the infomemo a complete picture of the same is offered, but without revealing critical information.


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