What is the Vienna Convention?

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Among the efforts made by the international community to facilitate and unify international trade, include the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods done at Vienna on 1980.


He Agreement applies cuando las parties agree to different countries and it Objeto del contract sean commodities. Excludes properties Convention, Auctions them sales in the judicial, it the private household consumption , ships them, aircraft, y otros concepts that are considered as the goods.

He Agreement regulates the training contract it y los derechos de las Obligaciones and parts, but no dice on the validity of it contract (to be determined by the law applicable).

If you set it in article 30 Agreement it them obligations of the seller:

  • Delivering the goods: S enough that it made them salesperson acts necessary for him to acquire the buyer ownership of the thing at the time and place he agreed.

  • Convey ownership: It is understood by the jurisprudence and doctrine that applies the law of the place where the subject matter of the contract.

  • Submit the required documents: Delivery by the seller of the documents equivalent to the tradition of the goods. The title of tradition is the shipping document. The invoice is not tradition title.

The buyer's main obligations receive the goods and pay the price. As for the term, if not stated, payment must be made when available to the buyer of goods or documents (article 58 of the Convention). Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer has the right to examine the goods before payment.

Other important points to note about the Vienna Convention are as follows:

  • Supported any evidence on the perfection of the contract of sale.

  • The sale by itself, transfer of title goods.

  • At the time that the seller delivers the goods, risk is transmitted to the buyer.

  • Allowed perfection of the contract although Price not specified.

  • It establishes the possibility of termination of the contract for attending a breach of an essential lack, even partial. It is essential that failure deprives the other party of substantially than I could expect under the contract.

In an upcoming post, see some practical recommendations for international sales contract.

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