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What does a corporate lawyer?

Negotiating an agreement, formalize in writing with a good contract, resolve disputes between companies, study the law applicable to the business and simplify things for entrepreneurs, identify risks and protect companies from these ... These are some of the things a corporate lawyer makes daily.

In short, good corporate lawyer helps entrepreneurs with the laws that apply to their business. The main role of a corporate lawyer is to guide and protect their customers (which are mainly businessmen or managers) so that they can deal with what they do best: manage your business. Collaboration with corporate lawyer to increase the chances of success of your business.

The relationships between lawyers and businessmen are varied. Occasionally, the businessman consulting his lawyer only when you have a problem or need to prepare a contract. However, Ideally businessman and lawyer work together to prevent problems before they arise. In these cases, the lawyer becomes an important part of the management of the company. The lawyer, well as the law applicable to that particular business, must understand the industry in which it moves.

An example of the type of work we developed for a particular customer. Call this customer "Processed Metal" (the name of course we have changed. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental). This company, manufactures metal parts for various industries. In early 2012 begin to work with them. We made a site visit to see first hand their operations consisting, and the owner told us about your business and your concerns. So last year we performed the following work for them:

  • We have reviewed the corporate structure to ensure that in case of a problem raised did not affect the personal assets of the partners.
  • We have prepared a pact partners to make clear the lines and avoid future problems and blockages.
  • We have advised the signing of several contracts.
  • We have advised on various labor issues to employees.
  • We have prepared a confidentiality agreement was needed to work with a consultant.
  • We recovered several debts of delinquent customers.
  • We reviewed the distribution contracts and contracts for vendors.

Here are some examples of what we as business lawyers, do every day for our clients.

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