Six points to keep your Confidentiality Agreement

abogado contrato confidencialidad

In many legal relationships is important confidentiality knowledge about which are accessed as a result of those.

Whether you are making one confidentiality agreement separate, as if it is part of a wider contract, should make clear the following points:

1.- Object: Specify in detail the points considered confidential and non.

2.- Rights and obligations: Establish the obligation of secrecy, detailing the uses of information that are considered valid and prohibiting uses. You should extend the duty of confidentiality to the collaborators of the signing the agreement.

3.- Exceptions to the obligation of confidentiality: It should identify situations that can break confidentiality, for example in the case of legal obligation to disclose information or order of a judge).

4.- Ownership of Information: It is desirable to clarify who is simple beneficiary of the information and who is the holder thereof.

5.- Information management: It should establish the mechanisms by which information is exchanged, and safeguards to prevent information transcends beyond the scope of the contract.

6.- Penalty clauses: What will be the consequences for the parties in the event of infringement of the obligations agreed.

These provisions will help protect the information concerning their contracts, although it should be noted that in case of having to get to a process, proof of the "rape" of the obligation and the damage suffered, will be critical. If you need to sign a confidentiality agreement, seek the advice of professionals.

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