The Court cannot deny ex officio control of unfair terms

clausulas abusivas

The Constitutional Court reiterates that a court cannot deny ex officio control of unfair terms

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What should be regarded as unfair clauses ex officio by the Court?

prestamo hipotecario

The Court must control its own initiative unfair terms that are relevant to resolving the claims of the parties

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Nonexistence of res judicata in foreclosures,,es,foreclosure,,es,Does not exist,,es,when the previous executive process there was no possibility of raising the abusiveness of contractual clauses it argues in the post declaratory,,es,The Supreme Court has stated that,,es,foreclosures,,es,nor judges could review ex officio the unfairness of contractual terms,,es,nor consumers rely on it,,es,whereby said execution procedures,,es,They have no efficacy of res judicata as regards the abusiveness of the clauses of the contracts,,es,The decision was adopted by the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court in its judgment Ollie #,,es,Celeris Servicios Financieros SA,,es,Celeris,,en

ejecucion hipotecaria

No existe “res judicata” cuando en el proceso ejecutivo previo no había posibilidad de oponer la abusividad de las cláusulas contractuales que se aduce en el declarativo posterior.

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Anulado aval otorgado por abogada

anular aval

A lawyer makes the waiving the benefits of order is canceled,,es,excussion division and a guarantee,,es,The Audiencia Provincial de Vitoria has canceled the bail accepted by a lawyer,,es,who mistakenly he believed that it would respond only in the event of insolvency of the principal debtor,,es,when in fact the contract provided that renounced their rights to order,,es,discussion and division,,es,The decision has been adopted in the judgment of the Provincial Court of Vitoria-Gasteiz Ollie #,,es,custody,,it,lawyer by profession,,es,intervened on a home equity loan granted by Caja de Ahorros de Vitoria and Alava,,es,Today Kutxabank S.A,,es,Soturpress society S.L.,,es,returned in,,es, división y excusión en un aval

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Incripción indebida en registro de morosos

listado de morosos

Improper entry in a register of defaulters violates the right to honor

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