liability action

“Cerrojazo” y responsabilidad de los administradores


¿Existe la responsabilidad de los administradores cuando cierran la empresa sin pagar a sus acreedores?

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The long road to debt recovery for liability of directors

Supreme Court








The claim of debt liability of directors, can flatter over time causing problems on the standard to be applied.

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14 Keys to the individual action of liability of directors

debt claim













Individual action liability of directors may allow recovery of claims against a company even when it was insolvent.

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How to establish the liability for company debts administrators?

debt claim














For incurred in solution causes of administrators can be held liable for the debts.

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How to claim a debt and hold accountable managers?

debt claim













In the debt collection companies, often the creditor finds that the debtor has closed the doors, or the company has no assets. There is the possibility of recovering their money by an action for administrators.

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