Self-dealing and renounces prescription



¿Es válida la autocontratación por la que se renuncia a la prescripción?

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Requirements del guarantor for consumer


What are the requirements for the guarantor enjoys the protection granted to have the status of "consumer"?

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How much earn the receivers?

valencia lawyer receivers







How much earn the receivers?


The remuneration of directors is set by the bankruptcy judge, under the tariff that considering the amount of assets and liabilities and the type of competition (u abbreviated ordinary), a buildup of contests, and the expected complexity.

The tariff was approved by Royal Decree 1860/2004 of 6 September.

This enables to forecast what may cost approximately, before entering the Contest. With this tariff is to avoid disproportionate compensation, and also attract quality professionals. However, this system has generated many controversial. There are cases where the application of the tariff may be excessive amounts and others that lack active mass implies that administrators reach no charge or what sets the tariff. This problem has been trying to solve the RD Act 3/2009, and Law that 38/2011, but the issue remains open. There Law Firms advising contests, but do not want to be receivers, and there are still complaints about the remuneration that are excessive in some cases.

Given the lack of resources to remunerate the receivers, Comparative legislation in nearby occur mainly systems: German and French in the absence of established resources an amount paid by the State (around 3000 euros) or in the English system, in which, in these cases of lack of resources, is handled by a dedicated public servant (oficial receivers).



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