Supreme Court upholds penalties for Santander Securities

Valores Santander


El Tribunal Supremo confirma que se incumplieron las obligaciones del Banco en la colocación de los Valores Santander

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Santander Securities: Nullity in Barcelona,es

Hipoteca multidivisa Barcelona

La Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona anula una suscripción de Valores Santander por falta de información

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Santander values ​​again canceled in Madrid,es

Santander Securities

La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid anula una suscripción de Valores Santander por falta de información.

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Santander Securities: Nullity in Leon,,es,The Provincial Court of León declared invalid subscription,,es,Wedding judgment of the first instance,,es,It is again confirmed the invalidity of the multicurrency clauses in a mortgage Bankinter Valladolid,,es,What is a revolving credit,,es,revolving credit,,es,Credit cards,,es,revolving credit,,it,revolving credit,,es,Usury Act,,es,credit card,,es,The lack of transparency in the remunerative interest to declare invalid in consumer loans,,es,remunerative interest,,es,Abusive statements interests,,es,abusive interest remuneratorio,,es,abusive remunerative interests,,es,The Supreme Court has confirmed the invalidity of a contract "Exchange" Bankinter,,es

Santander Securities

La Audiencia Provincial de León declara la nulidad de una suscripción de “Santander Securities”, casando la sentencia de la primera instancia.

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Santander Securities canceled again in Madrid,es

Santander Securities

The Provincial Court of Madrid considers the existence of essential and excusable error in hiring Valores Santander,,es,Following the judgment of the Supreme Court of,,es,the courts are mostly giving the reason to customers without financial knowledge they hired,,es,They are still in time to claim,,es,The Audiencia Provincial de Leon reconfirms the nullity of a contracting,,es,by the existence of error in consent,,es,Oviedo Provincial Court declared invalid a subscription Santander Securities,,es,Nullity confirmed Mallorca,,es.

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