On the restitution derived from the nullity of contracts with reciprocal obligations

nulidad arrendamiento financiero

What is the scope of the restitution of benefits when the nullity of a contract with reciprocal obligations is declared?

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Implicit financial derivative of BBVA declared null by the Supreme Court

derivado financiero

 El Tribunal Supremo declara la nulidad de un derivado financiero implícito de BBVA por error en el consentimiento

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Linked life insurance in Huelva

BBVA sentenced to pay life insurance linked to the hiring of a leasing in Huelva

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Implicit financial compensation derived from BBVA

BBVA financial derivative


La Audiencia Provincial de Lugo estima la acción de indemnización por daños en un derivado financiero implícito de BBVA

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BBVA clauses declared unfair by the Supreme Court

clausulas abusivas


The Supreme Court has declared the abusiveness of a number of clauses in contracts bank BBVA.

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