Implicit financial compensation derived from BBVA

derivado financiero BBVA


La Audiencia Provincial de Lugo estima la acción de indemnización por daños en un derivado financiero implícito de BBVA

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BBVA clauses declared unfair by the Supreme Court

clausulas abusivas


The Supreme Court has declared the abusiveness of a number of clauses in contracts bank BBVA.

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Confirmada la nulidad de un Swap del BBVA en Lleida


La Audiencia Provincial de Lleida ha confirmado la nulidad de un swap contratado con el BBVA en sentencia de 26 February 2015.

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Swap the BBVA declared void in Zamora



Zamora Provincial Court has confirmed the invalidity of a contract "fee Segura" (Swap) BBVA in sentence 17 February 2015.

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Swap sin test Mifid: None














Even in cases where the contractor is a company, if they did not test him MiFID, the swap has a good chance of being declared null.

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