Estructurados con hipoteca multidivisa de Santander anulados en Madrid

estructurado y multidivisa


¿Imaginan el riesgo de combinar un préstamo hipotecario multidivisa con un depósito estructurado?

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Stumble twice in the same complex product

supreme court


To the Supreme Court, repeated hiring a complex investment product does not necessarily imply knowledge of risks.

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Unit Linked del BES: Compensation confirmed by the Supreme Court

Banco Espirito Santo














The Supreme Court has upheld the compensation for the "Unit Linked" signed with Banco Espirito Santo (BES) by 31 customers, in Case 10 September 2014.

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Bankinter convicted Bonds in Madrid















The Court of First Instance No. 84 Madrid has declared invalid a subscription of bonds that were actually preferred shares of Bank of Ireland made through Bankinter in Case 10 February 2014.

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Can I claim if I sold my "toxic assets"?













Very often we raise the question of whether you can claim once the preferred shares were sold, the "Securities Santander", structured bonds, autocancelables and other products of the "bestiary" of bad banking practice.

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