Senior and subordinated: La venta de acciones no impide la anulación

participaciones preferentes

The sale of shares obtained by the exchange of preferred shares does not preclude the estimation of the action for annulment.

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El Tribunal Supremo se pronuncia sobre las obligaciones subordinadas



El Tribunal Supremo ha declarado la nulidad de una compra de Obligaciones Subordinadas de Bankia en Sentencia de 30 September 2016.

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The waiver does not prevent customer demand

supreme court


In the placement of complex financial products to consumers, waiver, conversion or restructuring, do not prevent the claim. Continue reading…

Bankia and Subordinated Preferred convicted in Valencia

preferentes bankia










The Court of First Instance No. 22 Valencia has declared void a purchase of preferred shares and subordinated debentures, Bankia condemning al payment 45.000 euros with yields back, legal interest and to pay the costs in Case 21 January 2014.

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The Provincial Court of Valencia confirms invalidity on preference of Bankia

preferentes bankia











The Court of First Instance No. 1 had declared invalid the purchase of preferred shares of Bankia and the Ninth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has confirmed the ruling in Case 24 February 2014.

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