Mortgage clip

Intercambios y clips deben ser analizados individualmente

intercambio bankinter

La abusividad o falta de transparencia en los contratos de “exchange” and “clips” de Bankinter se debe analizar en cada caso particular.

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Nine reasons to override a Clip Bankinter



Annulments declared continue to be confirmed first by the provincial hearings on Bankinter Clips.

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Clip Bankinter: Confirmed nullity Vigo

clip bankinter















The Provincial Court of Vigo has confirmed the invalidity of a "Clip Bankinter Extra" hired by a limited company in sentence 11 September 2014.

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3 Reasons to lose one demand Swap












Although the balance of claims for swaps or swaps is favorable to customers, there are some reasons that may hinder our demand estimation.

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Confirmed the invalidity of a Clip Bankinter (swap) in La Rioja

clip bankinter












The Provincial Court of Rioja, confirmed the invalidity of a swap contract called "Clip Bankinter Extra" in sentence 26 May 2014.

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