Leasing and competition: The rating depends on reciprocity

Leasing and competition


The Supreme Court reiterated its doctrine on the rating of the lease payments after the bankruptcy declaration:

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¿Qué son las acciones de reintegración?

clawback actions


Existe la posibilidad de anular los actos realizados en los dos últimos años anteriores a la declaración del concurso, si éstos perjudican a la masa activa.

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How to buy a property of a company in bankruptcy?

comprar piso en concurso

comprar piso en concurso









There is the possibility of buying property at a good price for being the owner in bankruptcy.

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Can I buy a company in bankruptcy liquidation?

compraventa empresa en concurso









Sometimes a company has no viability alone, but can be integrated into other interesting company or group: Can you buy a company in bankruptcy liquidation?

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What determines the composition of the receivers? (13)

valencia lawyer trustee designation

What determines the composition of the receivers? (13)

The judge designates bankruptcy administration, which correspond to the core competencies in the, as the preparation of the inventory and list of creditors, the purposes of conducting mass reintegration, the exercise of the powers of administration and disposition of the debtor in case of suspension of functions, evaluation of the proposed agreement, the liquidation plan development, the presentation of the staff report and payment to creditors, inter.

If the contest is abbreviated (under Articles 190 and 191 LC), namely, one that applies to individuals or companies under commercial law, is authorized to submit abbreviated balance sheet, and in both cases, the initial estimate of the liability does not exceed 10.000.000 euros, the receivers can be made up one person, you must be a lawyer, auditor, Economist titled the commercial.

Outside the case abbreviated contest, the receivers will consist of:

1.- A lawyer with experience of at least five years of actual.

2.- An auditor, Economist titled the associated commercial, with a minimum experience of realization.

3.- A creditor, ordinary credit holder or blanket privilege is not guaranteed.

If the insolvent company were subject to the discipline of the National Securities Market, economist instead of technical staff shall be appointed by the CNMV or a person nominated by the CNMV. The creditor's attorney and appoint the judge on those proposed by the guarantee fund to which the debtor is attached.

To ensure the plurality of appointments, not be appointed lawyers receivers, auditors, economists or commercial professionals who have been appointed to that office by the same court in three contracts within the previous two years.

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