contract of sale

Prescripción en la compraventa mercantil

mercancia defectuosa

Condenado al pago de una mercancía defectuosa por prescripción.

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¿Contract arras contract sale?



















When buying a home or property whether it is more convenient to sign a contract pledging or private purchase frequently arises.

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Upheld by the Supreme Court condemned 103 million at Bank of Ireland














The Supreme Court has upheld the conviction to pay some more 103 millones de euros a The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland y a Bank of Ireland Private Banking Limited por incumplimiento de un contrato de compraventa de acciones.

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What are the main points of a mercantile commission?


abogado contrato comision

By mercantile commission, a person is obliged to render some service or other custom (art. 1709 C.Civil).

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Special Purchase agreements (II)

contrato de compraventa especial

The Special sales contracts pacts can be attached to lead as exclusive pact o el retention of title agreement.

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