distribution contract

and testing agency contract for damage compensation

contrato de agencia

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Indemnizacion por Clientela en el Contrato de Distribucion

contrato distribucion


Is viable compensation for customers in distribution contracts

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Compensation for unilateral termination of the distribution agreement

distribution contract

You can only urge the termination of the distribution, the party has fulfilled its obligations and is affected by the failure of the other

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Main elements of its concession contract or distribution

abogado concesionario

The concession agreement the distribution has a wide application in the usual course of business. These are the main duties and rights that must be modulated in their contract.

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Is it illegal its concession contract or distribution agreement?

abogado contrato concesion

The concession agreement the commercial distribution is widespread despite the lack of specific regulations. It allows corporations to extend their reach without increasing your investment and concessionaires, distributing products that customers demand.

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