cosa comun

The output of the community of property by one of the community

Salida comunidad bienes

We analyze the legal rules governing the sale of one or some of the community members of their share in community property

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La subasta en la división de la cosa común

Auction common thing

The implementation of the action split common thing can be done by voluntary judicial auction

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División de la cosa común y condena en costas

division common cosa

La Audiencia Provincial de Alicante ha ratificado la condena en costas impuesta en primera instancia contra una comunidad ordinaria de propietarios como consecuencia de su continua conducta dilatoria y obstructiva frente a los copropietarios que pretendían la división de la cosa.

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Compensation for the exclusive use of the common thing,es

division de la cosa comun


Can co-owners claim compensation if the thing in common has been used exclusively by one?

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Division common thing and horizontal property

division de la cosa comun


You can ordered the constitution of a horizontal property as a result of an action of division of common thing?

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