Hidden defects or,,es,Clip Bankiter,,en,Compensation for lack of information,,es,At CNMC many al,,ro,Banking Cartel,,es,Limiting or limiting clauses of the insurance contract,,es,Dation in payment and recovery expenses,,es,Bbva Multicupon,,es “aliud pro alio?

aliud pro alio

The default action does not expire in 6 months as repair hidden defects, and the notion of disability or dissatisfaction does not require concurrence of hidden defects

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Banco Santander ordered to pay compensation for customers,es

Financial agent

Zaragoza Provincial Court has sentenced Banco Santander to pay customers compensation for a commercial agent.

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Business premises lease, mandatory and cost of resolution


What the cost of a lease solve local business when mandatory rest period?

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Guide contracting between entrepreneurs and consumers: Terms and unfair terms (y III)

General Terms and Conditions









In trading and contracting with a large number of parties, general conditions are a facility for the company, but sometimes leads to abuse the "fine print".

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Guide contracting between entrepreneurs and consumers: Right of withdrawal (II)

guia consumidores y usuarios








In recruiting among businesses and consumers as keynotes include the right of withdrawal and unfair terms.

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