Valoración de las aportaciones no dinerarias en las Sociedades de Capital por Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé

aportaciones no dinerarias

In limited partnerships, los fundadores, las personas que ostentaran la condición de socio en el momento de acordarse el aumento de capital y quienes adquieran alguna participación desembolsada mediante aportaciones no dinerarias, van a responder solidariamente frente a la propia sociedad y a sus acreedores de la realidad y la valoración de las aportaciones que hagan figurar en la escritura.

The following is the work of Juan Rafael Juan Sanjosé, Alternate Judge of the Provincial Court of Castellón.
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Breach of covenant partners you allow the exclusion?

excluir a un socio


Can exclude the partner who breaks a shareholder agreement?

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How ancillary services are regulated partner?

prestaciones accesorias














In limited partnerships, can agree that some of the partners made some ancillary service or even the ownership of its shares on the fulfillment of that obligation.


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Is it possible to make non-monetary contributions to create a society?

Aportaciones no dinerarias











Given the scarcity of funding, non-cash contributions can facilitate the creation or development of a society.

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What should my startup to attract Venture Capital?












Although each firm has its focus Venture Capital, there are a number of common factors in its strategy to invest funds in a startup. To attract these investors, your startup or entrepreneurial project must meet these requirements:

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