Abusive clauses of a mortgage loan agreement

We review unfair terms that most often appear in mortgage lending

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Guia sobre el contrato de agencia

 Contrato de agencia


In the agency contract a person is committed to promoting stable products or services of another,  in exchange for a commission, acting independently, without assuming the risks of operations

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La dación en pago y gastos de recuperación

dacion en pago


La entrega para pago permite al acreedor reclamar el importe restante, pero éste no puede repercutir los gastos de la recuperación al consumidor

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agency contract and unilateral termination,,es,Popular bonds canceled in Madrid,,es

Contrato de Agencia

Ordered to pay more than 200.000 € by unilaterally terminate an agency agreement

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The lack of pr agency contract in writing,es

Agency agreements

La falta de contrato de agencia por escrito perjudica a la empresa.

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