abusive interest

As interest annular remuneratory,es

lack of transparency

La falta de transparencia en el interés remuneratorio permite declarar su nulidad en préstamos con consumidores.

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Comments of the STJUE 21 January 2015, Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose

interes de demora

Once declared invalid by being abusive interest for late payment, that clause must be expelled from the contract and therefore no interest, ni legal, or procedural, be applied.

We publish below the commentary on the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union by Rafael Juan Juan Sanjosé, Alternate Judge of the Provincial Court of Castellón.


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Moderation clause interest by the Financial Institution, Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose

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Cuando estemos ante un contrato celebrado entre un profesional y un consumidor, in no case can serve the DT 2nd Law 1/2013, in conjunction with Article 114 LH, to fill the gap caused by the contract to be eliminated default interest clause.

This is the conclusion of the work of Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose, Alternate Judge of the Provincial Court of Castellón, que publicamos a continuación.

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Consequences of the invalidity of the clause of interest by abusive, Rafael Juan Juan Sanjose

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DT does not apply the 2nd Law 1/2013 in conjunction with Article 114 LH for cases where the contracting parties are a professional and a consumer, nor shall any subsidiary application of national legal rule containing a forecast of interests and specifically, shall not apply and the legal interests Article 1108 CC, or procedural article 576 LEC.

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Interests of abusive delay in personal loans

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The Supreme Court has confirmed that the default interest of more than two points on the remunerative interest on loans taken by consumers, son abusivos.

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