Patents: Novedad y actividad inventiva




Novelty and inventive step determine the validity of a patent,,es,The Supreme Court has married a judgment on appeal which declared null one,,es,for lack of,,es,inventive,,es,Judgments of novelty and obviousness were not properly made by the lower court,,es,The decision was adopted at the,,es,judgment Ollie #,,es,issued on the date,,es,Industrial Food of Navarra S.A.U,,es,IANSA,,en,patentee was validated in Spain ES number,,es,which focused on a certain seal for cans,,es,especially canned,,es,After submitting the application the,,es,the patent was validated in Spain,,es,IANSA applied for another patent,,es,which it was granted and published,,es,number EN,,es,Mivisa Envases S.A.U,,es,Mivisa,,sn,It was a manufacturer of metal packaging for food products,,es.

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What territories have protected my intellectual property?













The protection provided by the industrial property is bounded to the "territory of protection".

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What is the relationship between intellectual property and intellectual property?













Often confused between industrial property and intellectual property but it is different properties together.

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Copyright or Intellectual Property??













Although sometimes used interchangeably, the copyright and intellectual property terms do not refer to exactly the same.

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What is Intellectual Property?















Within the discipline of Industrial Property, a set of rules governing logos and intellectual creations are collected, technical and aesthetic applied in industries.

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