matters stand

How does it affect leases alarm status for the "Coronavirus”?

Suspender arrendamiento

You can suspend payment of rent by the inability to develop an economic activity in a local business to the declared state of alarm? 

A note on legislative reform, both housing and leases for local.

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¿Consumidor o especulador?

consumer the speculator

¿Puede una persona física beneficiarse de la legislación de consumidores cuando actúa profesionalmente?

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Conflicts in Franchise



Franchise agreements often generate legal disputes between franchisor and franchisee.

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Condemn the bank to renegotiate the interest in the crisis

matters stand

Is it possible to oblige the bank to renegotiate the type of remunerative interest on a loan in the event of a change of circumstances, in application of the "rebus sic stantibus"?

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How to breach a contract: "This phenomenon"

matters stand









Is it possible to breach a contract when a substantial change in the circumstances in which the agreement signed?

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