claim amount

Three requirements of individual responsibility action against the administrator

responsabilidad administradores

performing a negligent act it is needed, damage to the creditor or partner and causal link to individual responsibility Administrator

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Responsabilidad del administrador ex lege

responsabilidad administrador

La responsabilidad del administrador de la empresa tiene carácter objetivo, en caso de de incumplimiento de sus obligaciones legales

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El concurso fortuito impide la responsabilidad del administrador

responsibility of the trustee

The declaration of a contest as fortuitous is incompatible with the individual action of responsibility Administrator,,es,so you sentence him to pay the debt of more than three million euros,,es,Eurovalls insolvency that had originated its tender had been caused by,,es,appeal to the Provincial Court of Barcelona,,es,negligence,,es,fortuitous concourse,,es.

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The “cierre de hecho” conlleva la responsabilidad de los administradores

cierre de hecho

El Tribunal Supremo ha confirmado la responsabilidad de los administradores de una sociedad por su “cierre de hecho”, which prevented the applicant satisfy creditor the right to credit it held against society.

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Levantamiento del velo y abuso de la personalidad societaria

levantamiento del velo


It can automatically apply the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil to a group of companies?

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