reclamar defectos construccion

Construction defects and lack of passive joinder

defectos construccion


In claims for construction defects based on the contractual breach promoter, There is no need passive listisconsorcio

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Condena solidaria a constructora y aseguradora por defectos constructivos

defectos constructivos

Constructora y aseguradora son condenados solidariamente al pago por los defectos constructivos ocasionados en la zona de garajes, trasteros y zonas comunes de una comunidad de vecinos

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Constructive defects and interruption of the prescription,,es,The Supreme Court accepts the early maturity in loans,,es,in the loan there are reciprocal benefits and the early maturity,,es,Second instance,,es,Cassation,,es,The High Court estimates the resolution of a loan contract considering that it contains reciprocal obligations,,es,In the case of loans with interest, two reciprocal benefits are evident,,es,On the one hand, the commitment to deliver the money and the other,,es,pay interest,,es,it is possible to admit the possibility of applying,,es,in the event of a non-compliance,,es,CC every time the lender would have already fulfilled its obligation,,es,In sentence nº,,gl,the Supreme Court accepted the application of art,,es

defectos constructivos

La reclamación al promotor por defectos constructivos no interrumpe la prescripción frente al arquitecto

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Responsabilidad del arquitecto por defectos en la construcción

responsabilidad agentes construccion

La Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona confirma la responsabilidad de un arquitecto en la elaboración del proyecto y dirección de obra al ponerse de manifiesto defectos constructivos

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Guía para reclamar defectos de la construcción

Defectos construccion


How to claim for defects in the construction of your property?

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