Nullity of a consolidation clause in Madrid,,es,Nullity of a clause of entrenchment in Madrid,,es,About sales outside the zone in the franchise agreement,,es,Life insurance and health questionnaire in Pontevedra,,es,Concerning the sentencing in costs in case of estimation of a subsidiary petition,,es,About the condition in the cost of a subsidiary petition,,es,On the absence of unfair delay,,es

nulidad aval


Los clientes deben ser informados por la entidad bancaria de las consecuencias de las cláusulas de afianzamiento

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A vueltas con la nulidad de la renuncia por consumidores



The waiver by consumers may be declared void to cause a significant imbalance in the rights and obligations of the parties to the detriment of consumers and users, against the requirements of good faith


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It is voidable a compromise between businesses?

nulidad transaccion

You can cancel a compromise between companies when there is mistake, violence, intimidation or fraud


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Ineffectiveness of resignation in a swap

renuncia swap


La renuncia a reclamar por varios swaps encadenados es declarada ineficaz por el Tribunal Supremo

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Siete motivos de nulidad de las renuncias en cláusulas suelo

Renuncia clausula suelo


We review the main reasons for the declaration of invalidity of clauses waivers on floor,es

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