Direct action against the insurer of a patrimonial liability of the administration

abogado negligencia medica

In liability insurance, the injured party has direct action against the insurer of the article 76 LCS although the risk covered is a patrimonial responsibility of the administration

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Guide to claim for Tort Liability

abogado responsabilidad civil


How to claim damages suffered due to extra-contractual civil liability?

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Guide on the Liability of the Manufacturer of Defective Products

abogado producto defectuoso

How to claim the liability of the manufacturer of a defective product?

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Limiting clauses in civil liability insurance

contrato de seguro

 On the limiting clauses of the legal defense coverage in civil liability insurance

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On the liability of the manufacturer and the distributor of defective products

Responsabilidad productos defectuosos

 ¿Quien responde por los daños causados por productos, fabricante o distribuidor?

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