Nullity lawyer-assisted restructuring,es

estructurado tridente


El Tribunal Supremo declara la nulidad de una suscripción de bonos estructurados asistida por un asesor fiscal y su posterior reestructuración en la que intervino un letrado.

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Can I claim if I sold my "toxic assets"?













Very often we raise the question of whether you can claim once the preferred shares were sold, the "Securities Santander", structured bonds, autocancelables and other products of the "bestiary" of bad banking practice.

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What if the bank offers me a novation?

abogado novacion

In some cases malpractice bank, some bank tries to rectify the flawed placement of a product canceling it and replacing it with another or performing a novation. What should we do if you are offered a novation or a "restructuring" of its product?

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Banco Santander convicted of a " Trident " in Canary Islands

Trident attorney

Banco Santander has been sentenced to return the 141.124 euros placed in a "Trident"With payment of legal interest from judicial interpellation judgment of the Court of First Instance No. 9 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 5 April 2013.

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Structured Trident: Convicted Santander

Trident attorney structured

Have been commercialized in recent years, complex financial products that have given rise to a number conflicts that end in court. On this occasion, review a case of "Structured Products Trident "Santander Bank.

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