Taxation of the sale of shares

fiscalidad compraventa empresas

How taxed sale of shares?

Continuando con la serie sobre taxation and sale of businesses, in which we analyze the tax implications of various ways of making the departure of a partner, hoy vemos la venta de las participaciones sociales.

As we indicated in entry on profit sharing, se debe tener en cuenta lo cambiante de la regulación tributaria por lo que es imprescindible asesorarse por un profesional.

When compran participaciones sociales o acciones de una sociedad, se está adquiriendo una parte de la empresa con todos los derechos y obligaciones de la misma. It is essential to have sufficient information to ensure the economic reality of society. En una compraventa de empresa se pueden establecer cláusulas de garantía o cuentas escrow para garantizar que se determinadas informaciones sean reales o se cumplan determinados hitos en la empresa adquirida, but that will be the subject of other inputs.

Previamente habremos analizado si es conveniente la compra de participaciones sociales, the risks involved, o si es más interesante la compra directa de activos, where generally no greater legal certainty and operations are easier.

En el caso de que la decisión sea la buyout, la fiscalidad de la venta de las participaciones va a ser un elemento esencial para configurar la operación.

We distinguish between direct taxes and indirect taxes

Indirect taxes

The sale of shares (in limited partnerships) or shares (in anonymous), whether all or only one number are transmitted, está sujeta y exenta del pago del Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales (ITP).

However, should consider, que para evitar que se realicen compraventas de property eludiendo el pago de tributos, They are subject to ITP:
1. Transfers of shares or shares of companies, funds and other entities whose assets are constituted by at least 50% by properties located in Spain.
2. The transfer of shares in exchange for property contributions made to establish or expand the capital of companies, provided between the transmission input and a minimum period of time has elapsed no 3 years old.

Direct taxes

For the transferor

Seller society

If the seller is a corporation, the difference between the acquisition price and the transmission would add to the tax base of companies.

Individual seller

La persona física tributaría en el Impuesto de la Renta de las Personas Físicas:

• The first 6000 euros 19.5%
• From 6.000 a 50.000 euros 21.5%
• From 50.000 euro advanced to 23.5*

*Reform introduced by Royal Decree-Law 9/2015 (BOE 11 July) go ahead to July 2015 the reduction of income tax which was scheduled for 2015. The fall is expected to 19%, 21% and 23% of the previous sections in 2016.

There are some limitations (art. 37 LIRPF) in assessing transmission to avoid fraud, so that el valor de transmisión no podrá ser inferior al mayor de:
• The resulting from the theoretical calculation of the balance of the last financial year prior to the taxable.
• the result of capitalizing the 20% the average of the last three fiscal years.

For the acquirer

Las cantidades dedicadas a la compraventa de participaciones sociales no son gasto deducible.

In any case, in view of the continuous changes that occur in this area strongly we recommend you consult a tax advisor expert.

In summary, a la hora de realizar una operación de Sale of businesses, They will be very important fiscal implications thereof. Además del profit sharing o la Sale of shares, existen otras alternativas como la capital reduction que veremos en próximas entradas.

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